How Might We . . . ?   What If . . .?
I thrive on the promise of possibilities, on pages of brainstorms and doodles, on hallway conversations and waiting-in-line daydreams.  Still, no matter the problem, challenge, or context, I put the user’s needs first.

  • Who is going to use the experience, system or tool I’m developing?
  • How might I learn as much as possible about the user’s point of view?
  • How might I adopt the user’s point of view as I design potential solutions?

Student-centered learning, differentiated professional development, effective tech integration, all benefit from a people-centered empathy-fueled approach to authentic solution-finding.  In applying Mary Cantwell and the Mount Vernon Institute for Innnovation’s DEEP DT strategy, alongside other design thinking tools and methods, I help others discover meaningful solutions to significant challenges.

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If you’d like to learn more about my experiences with design thinking in action, click EXPERIENCE.

If you’d like to learn more about design thinking opportunities I can provide for your school, team or organization, click OPPORTUNITIES.


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